The rowan tree has a rich and ancient background. Intertwined with Norse and Celtic history and mythology, the rowan tree is considered by the followers of the runic tradition to be the “Mother of all Trees”. Many believe it has mystical and healing properties.

The wood from a rowan tree is used to protect against adversity. It also symbolizes growth and rebirth. In some cultures there is still a tradition today of giving all the newborn babies a cross made of wood from the rowan tree to protect them, these crosses are replaced each year.

Having our precious daughter’s name be Rowan felt like a strange coincidence in light of the history that only revealed itself afterward. We knew that there was such a tree but had no idea of the ostensibly hidden meaning behind it. We gave Rowan her name because we loved it, and we read that it means “little redhead” which by chance was perfect for her. So when the time came and we were thinking of a name for this foundation, it felt as if I was being steered toward using the name Rowan – not only to honor the child who is my inspiration, but also because the symbolic properties of connection, strength against adversity and rebirth were just a perfect fit with our mission. So, welcome to Rowan Tree Foundation – we hope that what you find here is helpful and meaningful and can be a positive addition to the grief work that we all are steeped in together.

Many blessings.