Thanksgiving Thoughts from RTF

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, and we wanted to share a few thoughts about Thanksgiving and the holiday season.


Rowan Tree Foundation is thankful for you, yes you. Every single person who has joined our cause is raising awareness – thereby increasing the chance that people will find support when they suffer the loss of a child. Spread the word. Join us on Facebook. Help us reach more people every day.

We are also thankful for all of our volunteers, sponsors, and donors. We can’t do all that we do to support grieving families without the gifts of your time and financial contributions, and good will.

Thank you!


Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday for many bereaved parents, especially when their loss is new. New grief covers everything. Be gentle with those around you who are missing their child today. Say their child’s name. Give them a squeeze and let them know that you see and that you care.

If you are remembering a child and find it difficult to face the holidays, be gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to do less. Tell your family and friends that you’re struggling. Talk about your child. Light a candle for them today and every day.  Be aware that sometimes family and friends are looking to follow your lead when it comes to remembering your child, especially at family gatherings. It’s okay to be the first to take that step. Most of all, know that you are not alone.

Sending a wish for peace in your heart.

On behalf of our Board and our Volunteers,

Corinne O’Flynn
Executive Director