Healing Garden – Work has begun!

If you plan to visit the RTF Angel this weekend for Mother’s Day, you’ll get to see what’s happening. Our friends at the town Public Works Dept have started work on our Healing Garden!

Paths have been built from the bike path

They have broken the project into phases so we can continue to raise the funds needed to complete the project and still get work done without disrupting access and use of the Angel Memorial. We still need your help! Please consider Making a Donation to help us complete the Healing Garden.

I got word from the landscaping team that they were finished with the first phase this morning and couldn’t wait for me to check it out. These are shots of the new path that winds up toward the angel and around the plaza. The ground has been leveled out and built up, and when it is finished you’ll be able to walk all the way around the plaza without being in the wild field grass. We are so excited, and grateful to the Parker landscaping team for all of their help. We still have more fundraising to do, so if you are able, we could use your help.

Every donation helps us get closer.

Give $10, give $20… no donation is too small when every penny makes a difference.

Give $200 and sponsor a garden segment to
have an engraved plaque installed in the garden!

Donate Today.