Update on HB12-1131

We’ve had a break in the action surrounding HB12-1131 this week and as we head into Friday I thought I’d update you all on the bill’s status.  As of today, we are scheduled to appear before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday April 10.  That can change but I’ll be posting a list of the members that need to be called probably this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to make calls. Just in case you think they don’t make a difference, they absolutely count.  Each call is logged and tallied for votes in support or against, and the Senator or Representative uses that information to weigh how they will vote.  So, if you’re on the fence, please know that your calls and emails are heard and read, and the message gets through.  Several of the Representatives and Senators commented about the number of calls they have received.

So, thank you!