HB12-1131 – Time for MORE Calls!

It is time for making calls again!  Our bill HB12-1131 goes before the Appropriations Committee this Friday, March 9.  We are not permitted to testify at this hearing so your calls and emails this week are extra double important!

There are some representatives on this committee who have not heard of our little bill and need to hear from you that this is a license plate that will make a difference to you.

Thank you – and your message doesn’t need to be long or involved, short and sweet is best! Here is what I’m going to say:

“Hi, my name is Corinne O’Flynn and I am calling to ask for your support of HB12-1131
for Child Loss Awareness License Plates. I’d love to have this plate in memory of my daughter Rowan.”

Chair, John Becker; 303-866-2906 Send Email
Vice-Chair, Cheri Gerou; 303-866-2582, Send Email
Brian DelGrosso; 303-866-2947, Send Email
Mark Ferrandino; 303-866-5523, Send Email
Bob Gardner; 303-866-2191, Send Email
Dickey Lee Hullinghorst; 303-866-2915, Send Email
Andy Kerr; 303-866-2923, Send Email
Claire Levy; 303-866-2578, Send Email
Marsha Looper; 303-866-2946, Send Email
Dan Pabon; 303-866-2954, Send Email
Judy Solano; 303-866-2918, Send Email
Jerry Sonnenberg; 303-866-3706, Send Email
Glenn Vaad; 303-866-2943, Send Email

The five names in bold above have not heard our testimony before and have been opposed to specialty plates in the past.  If you are only going to make a few calls, please choose these five first!  Thank you!