HB12-1131 Passes the House!


And now our little bill HB12-1131 takes it’s turn down the blue arrow over there, and heads out of the House of Representatives and into the Senate!  What an exciting time we here at RTF HQ are having as we testify and watch the hearings and track the progress of our bill.

We have learned so much about the incredible process a bill must go through in order to become law, and we’ve watched first-hand how each of our Representatives here in Colorado take every moment of their duty responsibly and with an eye for what their constituents want.

Senator Tochtrop is our sponsor for this leg of the journey. Thank you Senator! We’re quite excited to see how things go with the Senate portion of our trip..

For those of you who are interested, I was able to grab this screenshot of the voting from the final passage in the house.  It is blurry, but the Representatives are listed alphabetically, so you can figure out who voted for and against:  51-14 PASS!