HB12-1131 – Third Reading before the House

Correction! We are on the schedule for tomorrow TUES – MARCH 13 to go before the Full House for the Third Reading of HB12-1131. The 2nd Reading happened this morning and went by so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to talk about it! How about that.

So, tomorrow we have our third reading and vote in front of the entire House, after which it gets introduced into the Senate (where it will have its First Reading, then be assigned to committee, and then have to travel the same course to its third reading in the Senate.)

Today’s 2nd Reading is available to view online.  Just click the image and then scroll down to the archive from today, and click video.  Then on the left of the viewer, click HB12-1131 to advance to video forward to our bill.  Neat-o!

Confused by all these hearings?  Wondering what is going on? Check out this helpful diagram about the process.  If we pass tomorrow, we are about to ride down the blue arrow on the right in the diagram and have the first reading by the Senate Clerk.

We don’t need any calls to be made at this time, so please say a prayer that our bill gets the votes it needs to pass the House tomorrow.