Using the Internet to Make Memorials

In today’s society, we are not given a whole lot of time to mourn and grieve. Bereavement leave at work, if it is available, is less than a week. We are supposed to have moved on after about six months, and when we haven’t, there must be something wrong. Is it only the bereaved people who understand that grief has no awareness of time?

Deep loss is painful and life-altering. Dealing with loss takes as long as it takes, period. For most of us, the grief becomes something we learn to live with and while we will never forget, we are forever changed by the transformative elements of grief.

It is the nature of grief that it becomes a part of us. But when we are faced with so much loss over the course of our lives, how do we keep from being overwhelmed by it? Finding outlets for your grief can be incredibly healing. One such outlet that is growing in popularity is the online memorial journal.

According to , “Journaling provides you with a way to reflect on what is happening to you. Unlike keeping a diary, journaling does not ask you to focus simply on what happened during the day. Through journaling, you are invited to look inward at how you are affected by these struggles.”

Anymore, there are a growing number of free Internet sites offering the opportunity to create a memorial journal.  Community forums, blogs, and private websites can be powerful tools for healing on your grief journey.

Creating and keeping a journal will not make everything better. But it will offer you the opportunity to share your pain, creating something that others might value reading. It will allow you to bring something more positive into your heart surrounding your loss, and help you to build a lasting and dynamic memorial.