Stillbirth Legislation: The MISSing Angels Bill

MISS Foundation’s “MISSing Angels Bill” in People Magazine


Did you know that stillborn babies, even those that die at full term aren’t counted in any of the statistics on child loss?  On December 4, 2006, People magazine released it’s December 11th issue which featured a wonderful article highlighting the MISS Foundation’s work with the MISSing Angels Bill.  The MISS Foundation is working hard to change the laws in every state in the USA so all babies who are stillborn are counted, and recognized.

Joanne Cacciatore, MSW, CT, Founder of the MISS Foundation writes, “A new media trend is emerging. National attention has turned to the MISS Foundation and other groups fighting to: recognize and value the life of the stillborn baby, reduce the number of stillbirth, support research, and provide bereavement care to stillbirth families…The MISS Foundation has helped to pass the MISSing Angels Bill passed in 13 states; and we’re committed to all 50 by 2007. The State of Arizona now has a formal advisory council to examine stillbirths the same way that they’ve had one to examine other infant deaths. Many of our MISS Foundation chapters have been in their local news; and now, even Rap singers and movie producers are talking about stillbirth!  This is a very, very important time in history.”

Looking for the status of legislation in your state?  Check the MISSing Angels State Chart