Please Don’t

A Poem
by Corinne O’Flynn

Please don’t say
That it’s all for the best
A blessing in disguise
That it’s good that she’s dead

My heart still says
That she is my child
In spite of that fact
She only stayed a short while

Don’t tell me, please
That I can have another
Nothing can replace her
Not a sister, nor a brother

I am at peace with the facts
I am so very aware
Still, she never leaves my mind
She will always be there

She was my first
Not my only, its true
But please don’t say
She doesn’t matter to you

She is gone now, forever
And all that is left
Is her memory, her legacy
For us, these are kept

I can’t make you feel it
So I’ll keep looking inwardly
Her memory and honor are safe
I’ll carry her legacy