Poem: Micalee

a Poem
by Peggy Swanton

We planned and waited so long for you
Then, after all the times of tests and temperatures
At last you began to live in me.
I listened to your speedy little heart and
Imagined who you would be.
As I snuggled up against your Daddy
You kicked him “hello” that first time.
Every decision was made with such great care,
What color to paint, what quilt to sew,
A rocker for late night feedings,
Even a gown for your christening.
You waited patiently an extra week
So every detail could be completed.
Six years of anticipation for you.
We headed for the hospital, hurting,
But happy that your time had come.
We’d finally meet our little girl.
We did everything right, breathing,
Relaxing, pushing, panting.
How were we to know that when last I snuggled
Your kick to Dad had meant “good-bye.”