Heaven’s Brightest Star

Heaven’s Brightest Star is a touching story for children who have lost a younger sibling who was born prematurely.

In this short story, we learn about Katie, whose mother is pregnant with her younger brother Ryan. When Ryan is born a preemie, we begin to see the need to be delicate and honest with Katie about what has happened and what is to come.

We experience Katie’s view of events, as she is at home with her Grammie while her parents are at the hospital. While Ryan is in the NICU for a short time, Katie gets to meet him briefly. It is only when her parents return home that she learns Ryan did not survive.

The conversation in this book addresses prematurity, NICU, and Heaven. This book, which is also available in audio format, can be of value to parents who are finding explanations difficult, or who are trying to bring a surviving sibling into conversations about their feelings and experiences surrounding the loss of their younger brother or sister.

The audio download, which comes free with your purchase of this book, can be played in an audio player, on your computer, or burned to a CD for listening in the car.

This book has a website: www.HeavensBrightestStar.org

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