HB12-1131 Passes Transportation Committee

Hello everyone,

Excellent news!  House Bill HB12-1131 for our Child Loss Awareness license plate PASSED yesterday by UNANIMOUS Vote!  Thank you to everyone who made calls on our behalf. There were not many dry eyes during our testimony; the Committee was very moved by our stories.  We are so pleased by the progress we’ve made so far, and we’re not even halfway there yet.

Next stop: Finance Committee.  Stay tuned when we post the members and their numbers so you can contact them before our next hearing possibly next week!

We brought our Memorial Board with us to share with the committee. When this was brought out, everyone got up and took time to look at all the pictures and memorials. Leaving the Committee hearing this morning we all felt validated and that we impacted the people who were present. The Committee Vice Chair, Rep. Marsha Looper said that we reminded them all of what is really important: our children, our families, and the people in our lives.

L-R: Conor O’Flynn, Rep. Labuda (our bill’s sponsor!) Rory O’Flynn,
Corinne O’Flynn, Jen Mayes, Jenny Haynes and Amanda Kranz
Just after the Transportation Committee’s Unanimous Vote!