RiAnn and Rebecca Colpaert

RiAnn Emiely Colpaert  and Rebecca RiAnn Colpaert
Identical Twins – Precious Daughters

Our Story:

KC & I met in high school and were friends for a long time.  We began dating in 2006, we got married in March of 2008. I found out we were pregnant at the end of May 2008.

In July of 2008, I started bleeding one day after work and went into the emergency room and they told us that we were pregnant with twins.  One of the twins’ placenta was sitting on my cervix causing the bleeding.  When we had our first ultrasound and found out we were having two girls. Then we started our thinking process of names and all that good stuff.

On September 28th, only being 23 weeks, my water broke at my cousin’s house, my husband and my mom rushed me to the hospital. When we got there the doctors could see twin A’s feet coming out.  They had me deliver my first daughter naturally, feet first.  She was stillborn and we named her RiAnn Emiely Colpaert.

They started giving me medicine to stop labor and contractions, they had me laying upside down in the bed and not eating.  Then myself and the baby were doing ok.  On October 2, 2008, I started having really bad contractions and had to have an emergency c-section.  At 8:18 am we had another baby girl who was rushed to NICU. We named her Rebecca RiAnn Colpaert.

She was in NICU for a week doing very well.  Then on October 10, 2008 she passed away at 9:50 pm in my arms due to a pulmonary hemorrage in her lungs. Both of my girls were cremated by themselves and are together in one urn.

The baby girls are in our hearts together and with us always.


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