Daniel Coda Wall

Daniel Coda Wall
Born September 8, 2008
Passed into the light November 16, 2008

Daniel Coda

Daniel was a beautiful baby boy, so healthy and pure, he’d wake up each morning and look at me and smile, coo and squirm, wanting to be picked up. A part of us is broken, forever will he missed.

Each day I find myself just wanting and yearning to hold him just one more time, kiss him, and smell his soft skin. I have never lost a child before, we have a 3 year old daughter who is taking it hard, we tell her Daniel is in the sky with the angels.  I found Daniel when he was already passed and the sight was a nightmare, I tried CPR, my husband did also.

Daniel was sleeping on his back, but when I found him it was to late. Cherish every moment with your children because you never never know what can happen.
Dance with the angels Daniel, and sing sing sing.

Love , Mommy, Daddy, and Big sister Melia


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