Call to Action – to Finance Committee

Now for ROUND 2 – THIS WEEK!

On Wednesday, Feb 22 RTF’s House Bill HB12-1131 goes before the Finance Committee for round 2 of voting. There are 12 members on the committee, and we need you to call each of them. Your message doesn’t have to be long, in fact, short and sweet is better (since they get a lot of calls)!


Here is what I’m going to say:

“Hi, my name is Corinne O’Flynn and I am calling to ask for your support of HB12-1131
for Child Loss Awareness License Plates. I’d love to have this plate in memory of my daughter Rowan.”

Ask your friends to call, ask your coworkers… your voice in this makes a difference!

Here are the Finance Committee Members, please call them all:

Representative Brian DelGross, Chair, 303-866-2947
Rep. Keith Swerdferger, Vice-Chair, 303-866-2905
Rep. Cindy Acree, 303-866-2944
Rep. Don Beezley, 303-866-4667
Rep. Dickie Lee Hullinghorst, 303-866-2915
Rep. Jahn Joshi, 303-866-2937
Rep. Daniel Kagan, 303-866-2921 *corrected number*
Rep. John Kefalas, 303-866-4569
Representative Jeanne Labuda (She is our bill’s sponsor!)
Rep. Beth McCann, 303-866-2959
Rep. Dan Pabon, 303-866-2954
Rep. Spencer Swalm, 303-866-5510

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