Women’s Support

As I read the article included below, I was struck at how perfectly the author conveys such a grand notion in such a concise manner.

The parallels that can be drawn between these words and the core of what we try to achieve here at RTF likely do not need explanation.  One does not need to go very far to expand these concepts into the world of the bereaved parent, and the ways in which we try to reach out to those who surround us in our every day.  Imagine if we allowed ourselves to be the trailblazers of our personal grief that we truly are?  Imagine how improved our support experience might become if we toss out the urge to succumb to isolation and instead become the directors of those whose support we need so deeply?

Women’s Support
Becoming Our Own Role Models

As women embrace the fullness of who they are as individuals, they may find themselves supporting other women, helping others to reach the level of inner comfort and outer freedom that they themselves have found. Among those who are less sure of themselves and their place in the world, it may be more common to criticize other women than to seek their help. But there are things that a woman can only learn from another woman, as there are things about being a man that can only be learned from other men. We all recognize that we have much to learn from each other regardless of gender, but sometimes we could use a supportive role model that gives us a more precise example of what and who we can become.

There was a time where women stood together in a bond of sisterhood, women supporting women. It is only natural that the pendulum swings out of balance for a while so that we may have the experience of what we do not want. It is up to women to bring the pendulum back into balance and bring back the sacred sisterhood we yearn for at our core.

If we envision a world where women support each other and help each other find their place in an ever-changing world, then we can become the change we want to see. Jealousy, envy, criticism, and judgment are refuges for the insecure. As we help others to become self-assured, we create a world in which all people help each other, regardless of gender. Only women can make the change in how women are seen and understood, not just by other women but by the world at large. The way we speak about each other to other women and to the men in our lives informs everyone to treat us with the respect that all women, and all people, deserve.

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