Ciersten Rae Wilson

Written by Kelly Juenger

I had a normal pregnancy until September 18, 2009 when I went in for my doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure was a little high.

They wanted me to come back that Monday, September 21, 2009. I did, and it was still high, so they sent me to the hospital to get checked with an ultrasound. Ciersten’s heart beat was normal. When they put the monitor on me they noticed that she was not moving that much so they decided to take me in to have an emergency c-section.

They brought me into the c-section room and they got her out and bagged her right away because she was not breathing on her own.  She was flown by helicopter to St. Louis and I stayed at the hospital where I had her because my blood pressure was high and they put me on medication for it. They let me see her before they left with her and told me there was a 98% chance that she would not make it, so I started praying and hoping that they can help her.

September 23, 2009 I was released from the hospital and went up to St. Louis with her. When I got there they sat me and Ciersten’s father down and explained to us that she had no brain activity and the damage was done and they could not change that.  She would never open her eyes, eat on her own nor breathe on her own, walk, or talk.  So she would have been kept alive on a ventilator and eat out of a tube. That is not a quality of life I would want my baby to have.  I would want her to enjoy life and she would not be able to live like that.

We spent our time with our baby Ciersten and then on September 24, 2009 we let her go.  Our little angel started her life with her grandfathers and other relatives until that day when our time comes and she will be reunited with her parents.

She will always be Mommy and Daddy’s little angel.


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