The Presence of Angels

By: Julie A. VanGorder

Angels have become hip.  They’re not just religious symbols or restricted to legend-lore.  Angelic imagery surrounds us in some shape and form while references to them are everywhere.

Those cute Cherubim and Seraphim flourish every Valentine’s Day.  You’ll find angels in the kitchen if you enjoy angel hair pasta and angel food cake.  Remember the show, Touched by an Angel?  What about the movie, Angels in the Outfield?  The holiday classic; It’s A Wonderful Life with Clarence, reminds us that every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings!

Children enjoy stories about angels and are comforted by the idea of a Guardian Angel.  As the years pass, more often than not, we’ve become disconnected from angels.  Perhaps it’s easier to believe we’re not important enough to have a relationship with them or they come only in times of trouble or crisis.

Perhaps angels are here to remind us to reconnect with that childlike essence within us or that wonderful place of mystery in which children freely and naturally connect.  “Angels come in all sizes and shapes and colors, visible and invisible to the physical eye.  But always you are changed from having seen one.” (Sophie Burnham)

Are there times in your life when you’ve dismissed the whisper of an angel?  Times when logic and doubt reasoned away the presence of angels?  “Sometimes not a miracle, but just believing takes the greatest faith of all.”  (Anonymous)

What does an angelic whisper sound like?  Have you ever heard one?  Do you want to?  Questions surrounding the voice of celestial beings are as numerous and varied as the artistic attempts to capture their likeness.  Various religious venues create angelic voices through imagery and dialogue.  Two common themes are an authoritative commanding voice usually when angels are talking with adults.  When talking with children, a more genteel tender voice and tone.  Isn’t there more depth and substance to angels than that?

Skeptics abound today regarding the ability or likely hood of one having an intentional relationship and on-going dialogue with angels.  This is dismissed as being unattainable or again labeled too “New Age”.  Whether a child or an adult, why wouldn’t angels enjoy spending time with us, in relationship, throughout our many years?

“Why is it that angels like disguise?  It seems they take whatever form the visited person is willing to accept; and sometimes no form at all – a dream, a thought, a surge of power, a sense of guidance.”  (Sophie Burnham)  As we hurry through our busy schedules, crossing off multiple items on our to-do lists, why not take a moment to pause, look and listen.

“If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man or woman when he or she goes for a walk.”  (Raymond Inmon).  On December 8, 2007 the Rowan Tree Foundation dedicated the Angel of Hope Memorial located in Angel Plaza in the East Bank Park in Parker, CO.  If you haven’t yet visited or if it’s been awhile make the effort to go and look upon the angel there.  When standing in front of this beautiful statue, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow a moment to feel an angels touch, hear an angel’s whisper, and accept an angel’s love.