Corinne O’Flynn

Founder and Executive Director

After the experiences surrounding the death of her daughter, Corinne knew she would get involved in supporting others who were also coping after the death of their own child. Her first child, Rowan Johanna was born with Trisomy 18.  Corinne said, “Over the years being involved... Read More


Rebecca Thompson

Founding Member, Director

A founding member of Rowan Tree Foundation, Rebecca is passionate about providing support and resources to families who are struggling after the death of a child. She says, “I have seen firsthand the positive impact access to support can have for parents dealing with this... Read More

Jen Jacobson


After the loss of her daughter, Grace Addison, Jen was feeling lost and isolated. Jen said, “After I found Rowan Tree Foundation, I knew that I was not alone.  The support, love, compassion and understanding I received was amazing.  I want all newly bereaved parents to... Read More

Jenny Haynes


After the loss of her daughter Jillian to Trisomy 18, Jenny felt devastated and alone. Her interest in helping families cope after such a tremendous loss whether a sibling or child or grandchild grew from her own support experience. “Through this incredibly difficult journey... Read More

Sandra Courtney


Sandra joined Rowan Tree Foundation in order to support others living through the loss of a much loved child. Her son Ryan was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 after his birth, and lived for almost a year. Experiencing the surprise of his serious diagnosis, and then losing Ryan just... Read More

Michael O’Flynn

Founding Member, Director

After losing his daughter Rowan to Trisomy 18, Mike became immersed in a community of bereavement support that has had a strong impact on his healing. His support experience shaped his view of what positive and healthy healing after the death of a child can look like. A founding... Read More