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Rowan Tree Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization powered by 100% volunteer staff.

Our mission is to provide ongoing support and resources for families who are coping with the devastating loss of a much-loved child. We carry out this mission by offering our two annual memorial events in June and December, our engraved memorial program, our lovenotes program, and our awareness specialty license plate program (Colorado USA Only) for families dealing with the loss of a child. We serve anyone who has lost a child. From pregnancy loss, stillbirth, through newborns and teens, anyone who has had a loss is welcome to take part in our programs and events. Our philosophy has always been that if you feel a connection to the work we are doing at Rowan Tree Foundation, then you belong and are welcome here.

Our vision is of a world where child loss is treated openly and bereaved families are given the support they need, free of charge.  We envision a system that responds to the child’s death by providing the bereaved with resources and information to know what services are available to them in coping with their loss.  We hope to help change the way child loss is addressed so that parents have access to compassionate care that respects the humanity of their child, the gravity of the loss, and the lifelong impact that the loss of a child has on the family.

Because it is okay to talk about child loss.

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Please contact us with questions, concerns, or comments at any time by sending an email to the staff.   You can also reach us at our postal mail address:

Rowan Tree Foundation
PO Box 393
Parker, CO 80134

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Thank you for checking out our support page! Of course, donations are always wonderful, but there are so many other ways you can help out and support RTF!

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As an all-volunteer organization, we have NO PAID STAFF. All of our administration is done in-house, by dedicated volunteers who work full-time to support RTF.  Please consider making a financial contribution to help us stay on task. As little as $10 a month makes a difference to us.  Thank you!

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Become a fan of our Facebook page and share our content using the social media buttons on each of our posts. Awareness is key to what we do. Whenever a new person is made aware, it increases the likelihood that parents will find support when their child dies.

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A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Whether you’re mourning the most heart-wrenching loss of your precious child, or you are pregnant and just learning that your much loved yet unborn child has a devastating condition and will not survive, please know that you are not alone. At times it may feel like coping is an impossibility. This is not the way you envisioned your life, your family, your future. Child death is something that happens to someone else…

Welcome to our community; a group that none of us wanted or expected to join, yet here we are – trying to find our way together. It is my most sincere hope that our presence can help you feel less alone on your journey. Losing a child at any age changes your entire person, indelibly. There is no going back to the person you were before. The difficult thing about grieving the loss of a child is that it does not end; you will not “get over” this. And it is not simply a matter of time before you will begin to feel better; time alone cannot heal the wounds of this loss. It is the work that you do within that time which makes all the difference.

Child loss has many faces, and it is our goal to support everyone unconditionally. Regardless of the circumstances of your loss – you are welcome here.

Grief work is a never-ending endeavor. It is a process through which you must travel, and hopefully find meaning and value along the way. It is possible to survive this loss; please allow us to walk beside you on this, a most difficult journey.

Sincerely and with love,

Corinne O’Flynn
Rowan Tree Foundation
Mother of precious Rowan Johanna
December 17 – 18, 1999

Why the name Rowan Tree?

The rowan tree has a rich and ancient background. Intertwined with Norse and Celtic history and mythology, the rowan tree is considered by the followers of the runic tradition to be the “Mother of all Trees”. Many believe it has mystical and healing properties. Read more

What’s the Inspiration Behind RTF

When our daughter Rowan was born with full Trisomy 18, we were shocked at the diagnosis. We had no idea that she was ill, and the delivery culminated in an emergency c-section. Our precious little girl lived for 22 short hours.

Rowan was our first child, and at the time we were completely unprepared and blind sided by the thought that our baby girl could soon die. We were fortunate to find ourselves totally surrounded by a community of such caring and loving people who helped us during this impossibly difficult time. We never knew this community existed until they descended upon us with so much love and guidance.

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