Email your story to the Senate!

Hi everyone,  HB12-1131 “2nd Reading” coming up on TOMORROW’s CALENDAR.

If we continue to pass, the process to come looks like this:  2nd Reading at Senate, 3rd Reading (Final Passage) at Senate, Final Reading and Passage in the House, Signed into Law.

It seems we were “laid over” today in the Senate, which means we have been moved to the next day’s calendar. This is good, because you now have time to send an email to all the Senators! I’ve compiled all of their addresses here separated by commas to make it easy for you copy and paste this into your email and send a note asking them to vote in SUPPORT OF HB12-1131 for Child Loss Awareness License Plates.

Thank you for taking the time to send your stories to the Senate.  They need to know that real people are interested in having this and when you tell them your story, it hits home.  Some of these Senators have already voted in favor during our committee hearing.

Make sure you mention the bill’s name: HB12-1131 for Child Loss Awareness License Plates,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, – Senator Lois Tochtrop is our Senate Sponsor.  She is already supporting the bill on our behalf. If you wanted to email her a thank you, here is her address!

Thank you!

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